Research Reports

As the world’s leading authority on annual giving, AGN is dedicated to discovering trends and best practices from educational and other nonprofit institutions across the United States and around the world. Building upon its ongoing industry research, AGN regularly produces special reports and conducts Annual Fund Assessments for individual institutions. See below to learn more and access some of AGN’s past research studies and special reports.

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2016 Trends & Best Practices Report – This report highlights the findings and information from more than 25 live interactive webinars offered by AGN in 2016, including data from event poll results, additional research, and useful examples from the presentations.

2015 Salary & Professional Development Report – This survey of 870 actively-employed annual giving professionals identifies their characteristics, pinpoints obstacles to their success, and establishes salary benchmarks.

2014 Program Leadership Report – This survey of over 200 annual giving program leaders addresses many relevant questions in the field of annual giving, including: are donors or dollars a bigger priority for annual giving programs today, what ROI should you expect for your direct mail program, and much more.

2013 Survey of Annual Giving Programs Report – This survey of more than 175 annual giving programs identifies characteristics, trends, and priorities in the field of annual giving.