Annual Fund Assessments – Our Approach

An Annual Fund Assessment – also known as an audit – is a structured review of your entire annual giving operation. It can help you to identify strengths and weaknesses and determine where there is the greatest opportunity for improvement. AGN assessments involve interviews with staff, a detailed look at your program’s materials and results, and benchmarking against peer programs. The final report includes specific recommendations and an action plan that your team can begin implementing immediately.

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6 Signs You Need an Annual Fund Assessment

In the same way that you don’t need to be a mechanic to recognize that your car is making a “funny noise” or that it’s due for some regularly-scheduled maintenance, you don’t need to be an expert to know that your annual fund is due for a checkup. If you can answer “yes” to one (or more) of the following 6 questions, it’s a sign that it may be a good time for an Annual Fund Assessment:

  1. Have your annual giving results been in decline?
  2. Does your annual fund lack clear priorities or goals?
  3. Does it seem like your annual giving strategy hasn’t changed much in recent years?
  4. Are you in (or preparing for) a campaign?
  5. Has there been a lot of turnover among your annual giving staff?
  6. Are you planning to hire (or have you recently hired) a new annual fund director?

Be aware that your program doesn’t need to be on the brink of breaking down to benefit from a program assessment. Just as regular oil changes and tune-ups can help avoid car troubles in the future, preventative maintenance is the surest way to keep your annual fund in the best possible shape.

Why choose AGN to conduct your Annual Fund Assessment?

  • We specialize in annual giving. No one else has more experience or is more focused on the latest trends and best practices in annual giving.
  • We’ve perfected a method. Based on decades of experience, we’ve identified 6 domains that represent the pillars of successful annual giving operations. We carefully consider each one in our analysis and use them as the basis for our recommendations.
  • We’re connected. With an active network of over 40,000 annual giving professionals and star faculty that help lead our research and training, we have a front row seat to the latest trends and emerging techniques in annual giving today.
  • We’ve got data. We’ve developed the industry’s largest library of annual giving case studies and metrics, which we use for benchmarking as part of every single program assessment.
  • Our assessments pay for themselves. They help annual giving programs focus their staff and budgetary resources on those areas that will have the biggest impact and generate the highest return.

Want to learn more?

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