AGN Service Offerings

As the world’s leading resource and consulting firm for annual giving programs, AGN is pleased to offer the following specialized annual giving services. To request more information or schedule a free consultation call, please contact us at [email protected] or 888.407.5064. 


Training & Coaching

In addition to the online instruction available through Plus Membership, AGN offers individual training programs for annual giving staff and volunteers. Tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and budget, our consultants serve as coaches and advisors to help your annual giving team be the best that it can be. This includes:

  • Reviewing the timeless principles of annual giving
  • Examining the latest industry trends and best practices
  • Developing an action plan based on your institution’s specific goals and culture
  • Organizing regular check-in calls and meetings to track progress
  • Providing ongoing feedback so you know where progress is – or isn’t – being made


Recruiting & Search

Along with our active online jobs center where dozens of new jobs are posted each month, AGN also offers recruiting and search services to help you identify and hire the most qualified annual giving candidates. Led by a specialist on our recruiting team, each search project leverages our expertise and network of 40,000+ annual giving professionals to:

  • Assist with the development of a job description
  • Handle all advertising through key industry job boards
  • Generate candidate leads through proactive research, targeted emails and phone calls
  • Receive and review all inquiries and applications to identify qualified candidates
  • Schedule and conduct phone interviews to screen viable candidates
  • Provide regular progress updates and advice related to candidate qualifications
  • Deliver a list of viable candidates for you to interview and hire at your discretion


Program Assessments

Through an objective and structured review of your entire annual giving operation, an AGN Program Assessment sets the stage for future success. Led by an expert member of our consulting team, it involves interviews with staff, a detailed look at your program’s materials and results, and benchmarking against peer programs. The final report comprises specific recommendations and an action plan that your team can begin implementing immediately. Our assessment will explore the following questions and more:

  • What are the primary strengths and weaknesses of the current program?
  • How should your annual giving program measure its success going forward?
  • How can your program improve participation, retention, and leadership giving?
  • What obstacles could prevent you from achieving your annual giving goals?
  • Are there new initiatives or programs that could enhance your annual giving efforts?
  • Where is the greatest potential for ROI in your annual giving program?



Understanding how your annual giving program compares to other similar institutions is one of the most effective ways to identify gaps and opportunities. AGN benchmarking studies can be customized to address your specific questions and objectives. They are developed from surveys and interviews with a carefully selected group of your peers and a comparison to our national performance index. The final report includes a summary of key findings as well as recommendations to inform your future annual giving strategy. Some of the areas that can be researched and analyzed are:

  • Strategic Priorities
  • Key Performance Metrics
  • Constituency and Marketing Efforts
  • Staffing Levels and Structure
  • Budget Allocation
  • Return on Investment and Cost to Generate a Donor


Predictive Modeling

As more annual giving programs depend on data to inform their strategies, predictive modeling has become one of the most effective tools for enhancing productivity and efficiency. Through a deep analysis of your institution’s database, AGN’s predictive modeling service provides you with a numeric “score” for individual constituent records, which can be used to identify prospects, segment appeals, customize marketing efforts, and inform resource allocation. Predictive models that AGN can produce for your institution include:

  • New donor acquisition models
  • Lapsed donor reactivation models
  • Suggested ask amount models
  • Optimal solicitation channel models
  • Leadership annual fund donor models
  • Recurring gift likelihood models


To request more information or schedule a free consultation call, please contact us at [email protected] or 888.407.5064.