Announcing AGN’s New Sample Library

Posted on 12/30/2018

AGN is pleased to announce the launch of our new Sample Library. Comprised of submissions from the recent Best in Annual Giving Challenge, the library showcases great work from hundreds of participating institutions, featuring direct mail appeals, emails, scripts, stewardship pieces, volunteer materials, webpages, advertisements, giving day and crowdfunding collateral, and other special campaigns. A few of our favorites include:

  • Delaware’s Faculty & Staff Door Hanger Effort
  • UCLA’s Laurel & Hardy Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Charles River School’s Stewardship Valentine
  • Columbia’s Giving Day Origami Mailing

In celebration of all of this inspiring work, access to the Sample Library is currently open to all. Each one contains images and important details such as the effort’s audience, goals and results. Those that are particularly creative, innovative, or high-quality have been noted with a “star” and will be featured in upcoming AGN articles, case studies and webinars.

After February 8th, the Sample Library will be accessible only to AGN Plus Members.
AGN’s research team will continue to add new samples and ensure that the library grows and serves as a valuable resource. Click here to learn about the benefits of AGN Membership and guarantee your uninterrupted access to the new Sample Library.