Recipe for Retention

Posted on 11/22/2016

bc-recipte-for-retentionWhat’s the secret to retaining donors from one year to the next? Does it lie in the timing of your appeals: when you solicit them again after their previous gift? Or could it depend upon the messages you convey: how well you describe the impact of their support or how clever your solicitations appear? Maybe it hangs on the experiences your donors have following their donation: whether or not they received a proper gift acknowledgment or if they were offered opportunities to engage with the institution through events or volunteering.

The reality is that there’s more than one ingredient in a good retention strategy. It’s a combination – and a balance – of all of these things that ultimately leaves a good taste in your donors’ mouths and makes them hungry to give more.

Boston College knows the importance of stewardship, which is why they do a little something extra for their donors around the holiday season. This year, just before Thanksgiving, they sent their donors a copy of the university’s holiday cookbook. This special online publication contains a list of recipes (all named after iconic features of the university and its campus) for such seasonable dishes as Eagle Pride Pork Loin, Burns Bread Pudding and Chestnut Hill Cranberry Kumquat Relish. Click here to read more.

Whether it’s during the holidays or some other time of year, it’s important to remind your donors that they’re special. Let them know that they’re appreciated, outside of those times when they’re being solicited. And don’t be afraid to give a little something back. When the time comes for them to decide whether or not to renew their support, your extra little gesture might just be the icing on the cake.

Want to learn more? CLICK HERE for AGN’s Webinar on Increasing Donor Retention.