Tax Statement Appeal

Posted on 01/06/2015 - by Dan Allenby

DeadlinePeople tend to be more responsive when deadlines are involved. Ask me to call you on the phone sometime and I may do it. But ask me to call you tomorrow and the chances go way up that your phone will ring.

Fiscal years and tax years provide us with two deadlines to motivate donors. The truth is that a fiscal year often means more to the institution than it does for the donor. On the other hand, the tax (or calendar) year is more widely understood. Nearly 90% of the U.S. households deduct charitable contributions on their tax return.

The University of Indianapolis gets in sync with its donors each January when it sends a “tax statement appeal” to everyone who made a gift in the previous calendar year. This simple piece provides the donor with an itemized list of their gifts made from the previous January through December including the amount, date, and fund designation of each transaction. The mailing also includes a reply device for donors to make their gift for the subsequent tax year. See an example below.

“The tax statement appeal is one of our best mailings in terms of ROI,” says Lora Teliha, Director of Communications for Alumni Engagement at UIndy. “Last year, it got a 4.38% response rate and an average gift of $204.”

Go UIndy Greyhounds!

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Tax Statement Appeal_UIndy