Reunion Zero

Posted on 12/10/2014 - by Dan Allenby

Reunion ZeroFor many annual giving programs, a senior class gift campaign is a great way to educate students about the impact of philanthropy and (hopefully) begin a lifelong habit of giving back. According to Annual Giving Network’s recent survey, the median participation rate for senior classes is 30%.

Gifts by the senior class can also impact alumni participation rates. In fact, nearly 40% of annual giving programs say that they include the graduating class when reporting data on alumni participation. This is because, at many institutions, seniors graduate and become alumni before the close of the fiscal year.

Elon University in North Carolina knows that it’s important to keep students engaged soon after their graduation, so they developed a Reunion Zero program. The effort focuses on getting recent graduates to return to campus for Homecoming so they can be formally welcomed into the alumni community. It also targets past senior class gift committee volunteers and former phonathon callers to be part of the Reunion Zero Committee which provides young leaders with an opportunity to help with event planning, communications, and fundraising activities.

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