Content vs. Distribution

Posted on 09/18/2013 - by Dan Allenby

new media

The web has provided us with great new tools for fundraising (e.g., crowdfunding). In annual giving, we’re only just beginning to figure out to integrate them into our strategy.

It’s also given us a new way to think about cost. In traditional marketing, the cost of developing content is fixed and relatively low while the cost of distributing that content is variable and relatively high. For example, if you have time and if you’re a decent writer, you can probably compose a direct mail appeal letter for free. However, the cost of sending it out (printing, postage, production) can get expensive.

The opposite is true online. The cost of distributing content through email or social media is fixed and relatively low. However, there’s a lot of static online so, if you want people to open or share something, it better be good. Video is a great example. It’s probably worth spending some money to produce a really good video because, if it’s interesting or clever, people are likely share it.

Now ask yourself, how much money are you spending on new media content this year?

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